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Is it time to adapt the biomechanical model of rehabilitation

Emerging evidence suggests that variation is inherent within a functional movement such that no movement is never performed the in the same way twice.  That ‘normal’ movement patterns may not exist and that to attempts to ‘retrain ideal movement’ for purposes of musculoskeletal rehabilitation may be erroneous.  This has led to criticism of biomechanical approaches to movement rehabilitation.  Is it time to re-evaluate the standard biomechanical model?     
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Movement Variation: Part 1

Conventional thought suggests that for most distinct movement patterns (e.g. squat, lift, sit, push, pull, step, lunge, bend, twist etc.) there is an ideal form or technique.  In contrary to this emerging research suggests that variation in movement is actually quite ‘normal’, such that no movement is ever repeated in the same way twice (1).  In this article we discuss how loss of movement variation is associated with increased incidence of injury and reduced performance.  We go on to recommend that traditional training and rehabilitation may be extended to include strategies to increase movement variation.
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