Relief from joints and muscle pain in West Bridgford - Nottingham
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Nottingham Osteopath

Nottingham Osteopath

Nottingham Osteopath treats joints and muscles to re-balance movement, improve posture and relieve pain. Osteopathy Nottingham.

Firstly Osteopathy treats joints and muscles to re-balance movement, improve posture and relieve pain. Nottingham Osteopath

Whilst osteopaths specialize in issues relating to the spine, osteopaths can help the majority of problems related to muscles, joints and nerves.

Subsequently We have a keen interest in treating sports injury and assisting sport performance. At Original Movement Osteopathy we specialize in complimenting treatment with corrective exercise and rehabilitation. As  a Nottingham Osteopath we provide many services.

  • Osteopathic treatment
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Massage
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Back Pain Treatment Nottingham

Back Pain Program

Back pain screenshot

For persistent non-specific lower back pain the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends a course of treatment of approximately 8-12 weeks of manual therapy that can include spinal manipulation and acupuncture.  It can be challenging to access this type of treatment in a timely and convenient manner.  At Osteopathy Nottingham, based at the Original Movement holistic studio, we provide a comprehensive program with each of these elements.

Treatment is patient centered with a key focus being on self-management of symptoms.  Too often conventional treatment stops when pain is alleviated, but at Original Movement a course of treatment includes a ‘functional exercise program’ designed to improve how we lift, bend, shift and twist for pain free movement.  A functional program aims to address individual deficits in strength and mobility at the root cause of pain and dysfunction.

To book a complimentary consultation please follow this link or simply contact us at or call 0115 808 4620 and speak to James.

Back Pain Nottingham

Osteopathy Nottingham specialise in treatment of chronic ongoing back pain.

We use manual therapy including massage, acupuncture and manipulation and combine this with exercise and functional movement education to treat chronic pain.  We differ from physiotherapy because we use a ‘patient centred’ approach in which treatment is tailored to your needs.

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The rise and fall of the structural model: Is posture important?

The idea that structural abnormality (e.g. disc protrusion*, leg length discrepancy) and postural deviation (e.g. pelvic or spinal alignment) can cause musculoskeletal pain is a framework commonly used to explain models of treatment to patients in physical therapy.  But how important are these individual differences in our bodies to our chances of getting into pain or experiencing injury? 
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