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6 simple ways to relieve back pain

6 simple and effective things you can do to help manage low back pain

Keep moving – The worst thing you can do is spend prolonged periods of time being still.  Avoid being sat for too long, prolonged sitting will only make pain worse.  Although lying down will provide temporary ease, it will not aid recovery and will increase stiffness.  This is why we back pain is usually worse in the mornings.

Take a break – Avoid strenuous exercise for the time being.  Avoid heavy lifting, strengthening exercises and even strong stretches whilst pain is severe.  As pain eases gradually re-introduce strenuous movement, but don’t over do it.

Mobilise – gentle pain free movement of the back and related areas such as the hips and middle-back will improve circulation and have an anti-inflammatory effect, loosening muscles and easing pain.  See future posts for some simple mobility exercises.

Heat or cold – Cryotherapy is a cheap, easy and effective way of managing pain.   Select either heat (wheat back, hot pack) or cold (cold pack, back of peas covered by a tea towel) depending on which feels most beneficial and apply to comfortable levels for 3 lots of 3 minutes.  Do this 3-4 times per day whilst pain is severe.

Don’t worry – Back pain is extremely common and pain will ease given a little time and pain free movement.  It is very rare that you have caused any extreme damage such as a ‘slipped disc’. Stress and anxiety is only likely to make pain worse.  Most of the problems we have are due to fear of re-injury or negative associations with movement.

Seek help and advice – If pain does not ease or if pain is periodically returning seek advice from a qualified medical professional.  Whilst your GP will often refer you to a physiotherapists, Osteopaths are alternative health professionals who specialize in treating back pain.   Consult a physician if you are concerned or experience associated symptoms, for example numbness, tingling, shooting pain, weakness, altered sensation, loss of control of bladder or bowel

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