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Ski Programs

As you start thinking about your next ski holiday, you may consider some Personal Training sessions to help reduce the impact of old injures and prevent new ones.  Improving sport specific flexibility, mobility, strength and stability will help ensure you have the best holiday possible.  Ski preparation can be very different from your average gym program.

Ski conditioning should focus on developing ‘Dynamic Flexibility’ – the ability of muscles to decelerate momentum and stretch under load, and ‘Reactive Stability’ – the ability to stabilise unexpected forces in challenging positions and postures.   Simple holding positions (e.g. chair sit) or static stretches like those seen in yoga will clearly not prepare you for the forces we experience in skiing in which we have to account for forces in all three directions and at speeds far faster than we may be used to.

Check out this ski workout performed by Stephen Tongue, one of the Original Movement trainers. Examples:

  • Reactive Stability – squat and bounce a tennis ball (like a basket ball)
  • Dynamic Flexibility – Stand on one leg, turn your whole body completely left then right without moving the foot
  • Reactive Stability – balance on one leg throwing and catching a ball against a wall
  • Dynamic Flexibility – to open the hip lunge forwards driving the arms overhead

Check out Original Movement for more info on booking a ski conditioning session